The foundation of any new business is an identity. To develop a successful identity with our client required a journey of both definition and discovery.

Together we explored questions like, what are the features of this product or service? What qualities do we want customers to associate with our company? This period of discovery also presents an opportune moment to explore business models and design scenarios that help define the best path forward.  

Alaska Pedicab Company’s identity needed to operate on a wide variety of platforms, both digital, print, environmental and product. We created this identity to evolve as the company grows and the communication needs became more complex. 

The process for design included developing several distinct directions, exploring the use of a badge and icons such as, the Juneau cityscape, mountains, salmon, bears, pedicabs, and whales.

Sketches of various ideas

The final design was chosen for it’s well balanced versatility and formal emphasis on the Alaskan landscape. This design is also a self-contained unit in which images can be swapped in or out, thus having flexibility for future endeavors.

The final logo, color and B/W options
Identity in use