Organizations have struggled to successfully encourage creativity and innovation. A creative mind can mean the difference between an ordinary or extraordinary business; a promotion or a stagnant position; a standout employee or an overlooked staff member.

A Lack of creative thinkers can also keep a business from growing. Yet, we at Collective IQ know everyone is creative. But, it’s a skill set that needs to be developed and enhanced through a variety of methods.

Teaching design thinking workshops are tailored to the context in which your business operates. We work at creating value for the specific problems that you are seeking creative thinking. After initial conversations with you we can provide you business with options whether you are creating a product, service or working through a problem in your business.

Examples of Previous Workshops Include

Exercising your Creativity > Participants will identify their creative skill level and learn methods, which strengthens and develops creative thinking.

Applied Design Thinking > Learn how to use and apply design thinking methods for your unique process.

The Iterative Mindset > In this workshop tools and techniques are practice to develop an iterative process.

Coaching Sessions > Allow a design researcher to embed within your organization and provide recommendations on how to improve the design or problem solving process. This could also be used to help deliver recommendations on how an organization could best leverage designers or structure a new design-based team/organization.