Our world is in constant flux; social, economic, technological and environmental factors are rapidly shifting individual’s needs and desires. Design research discovers and illuminates human needs and behaviors for today’s complicated environment.

A design research engagement allows you to work backwards from the user to create more effective, appealing products, services, and experiences.


A typical engagement consists of sitting down with a design researcher to develop an understanding of the product/service, current users, desired market, and overall vision.

The designer will then recommend a course of research and activities to help gain insights on the needs of these groups. 

In addition, the designer will provide a recommended path forward and highlight opportunities for co-design to improve products and services.


HCR is concerned with making products, experience and systems useful, usable, desirable and feasible through a variety of methods to gain insights rather than make assumptions.

Let Collective IQ help you work backwards from your customers to build smart products and offer services that make an impact.

Reimagine existing products and services to keep up with trends in the market or more deeply engage with users and community.