All organizations face complex problems that exist at the center of systems that are difficult to understand. Creative minds, unbiased by the intricacies of day-to-day operations, are well positioned to evaluate these problems.

A network consulting engagement connects businesses with a small group of leading design researchers. Together we approach complex problems through the lens of design to create compelling new pathways. These projects are meant to be quick, yet have a big impact – generating innovative new ideas. 


Each process is unique, designed specifically to fit the problem at hand; and the make-up of the network can vary to include designers that have researched similar topics or explored these challenges.


Access to a small group of prominent design researchers without having to manage freelance labor or multiple consultants.

Creative ideas that are un-biased and removed from corporate politics or tied to existing operations – totally green-field.

Short, structured engagements to propose solutions to specific problems.

Embedded design researcher to provide initial structure and frame problems in a meaningful way.

Low-stakes – opportunity to follow the new ideas or go back to the drawing board.